My teaching philosophy based on three main components: (1) making the material relevant to the students' everyday lives, (2) promoting an engaging learning environment that accounts for a variety of learning styles, and (3) fostering peer support and mentoring in the classroom. My top priority in all my classes is to ensure that students fully understand and are able to apply concepts discussed in class to their own experiences.

I know that I did a good job in the class when I overhear random students' discussions in which they are using concepts that they have learned throughout the course.

Here is a list of all the courses that I have previously taught and the syllabi:

The Cooper Union

Microeconomics [syllabus]

Macroeconomics [syllabus]

How to Economics? * [syllabus]

Intermediate Macroeconomics * [syllabus]

Economic Growth * [syllabus]

Econometrics (Cause and Effect) * [syllabus]

[*] Courses that I proposed and developed during my tenure at The Cooper Union

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Course instructor: Principles of Macroeconomics [syllabus] , Intermediate Macroeconomics [syllabus], International Economics [syllabus]

Teaching Assistant: Principles of Microeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics

Below are some extracts from the students' evaluations:

  • “Thank you for this semester, this was a fun and extremely informative class! I have plenty of data and analysis classes, but the focus on interpretation in your class was very valuable, and something that I hope to take with me to future classes and projects.”

  • “Loujaina is very clear and very good at explaining the subject. She provided many examples as well as having a wealth of knowledge that is associated with the subject matter. The homeworks were not just busy work but also there to actually reinforce and make us think about the lecture. She made us do presentations which in my opinion is an excellent idea in looking over previously discussed topics.”

  • “Professor Abdelwahed's approachability for questions regarding the material in the course was very helpful. She is always willing to pause and repeat points until we understand the material, without taking away from of the class.”

  • “Loujaina's lecturing style is so engaging! I also like the games/demos and homework. I also really like the student recaps.”